Money20/20 Europe


“One of the best FinTech and Banking communities on the planet.” 11:FS

Join the entire Payments, FinTech and Financial Services ecosystem in Amsterdam this June and be part of the community building the future of money.


What is Money20/20 Europe?

Money20/20 is where the entire FinTech and Financial Services ecosystem unites to create the future of money.

The event delivers groundbreaking content and news while facilitating over 3 months’ worth of meetings in just 3 days. It gives attendees unparalleled access to a powerful network of leaders and innovators, providing them with the learnings and connections they need to boost their business.

Who comes?

Last year, over 6000 people from across the Financial Services community joined us at Money20/20 Europe, including banks, payment providers, big tech, retailers, governments, regulators, investors, startups, and many more.

Why do they come?

Money20/20 attendees have three primary goals: to network with the largest and most senior group of Financial Services innovators in Europe; to learn from over 300 global experts across 6 huge stages; and to build their business with clients, prospects and the media.

What's the event about?

A Money20/20 pass gives you access to case studies, announcements, discussions, debates and meet-ups tackling the 12 hottest trends in Financial Services innovation across 5 key narratives, giving you an insight into the key players of tomorrow.

Companies we work with

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